What is a Problem Interview?

Problem Interview is Ash Maurya’s term for the interview you conduct to validate whether or not we have a real problem that our target audience has.

In the Problem Interview, you want to find out 3 things:

  1. Problem – What are you solving? – How do customers rank the top 3 problems?
  2. Existing Alternatives – Who is your competition? – How do customers solve these problems today?
  3. Customer Segments – Who has the pain? – Is this a viable customer segment?

Talking to people is hard, and talking to people in person is even harder. The best way to do this is building a script and sticking to it. Also don’t tweak your script until you’ve done enough interviews so that your responses are consistent.

While you can conduct the interview any way you want, whether by person, by blog, by emailing, the main point is to collect the information that you will need to validate your problem. Also, the interview script is merely a suggestion. As long as you can get the answers with your own methods, do go ahead!

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